Cydonia Barocca uses its own ticketsystem relying on personal interest, taste and quantity discount!

During the festival, there are both free and paid activities. The access rates are calculated according to CBU (Cydonia Barocca Unit ). CBU's are purchased in advance (or locally at each activity) and can be used for paying concerts, walking tours and quinceproducts and in the Festival Shop. The price of a CBU is (much) lower if a larger number is purchased in advance.

The tickets are not personal and valid also on the following editions of Cydonia Barocca. You can buy both a CD in the Cydonia Shop (5 CBU), or eat a pancake with quince jelly (2 CBU) or later order something from the shop, etc.

Ticket 20 € - 7 - 2,85 € per CBU

Ticket 50 € - 20  - 2,50 € per CBU (- 12%)

Ticket100 € - 50  - 2,00 € per CBU (-30%!)

When you make a reservation and a registration in advance, there is an additional bonus of resp. 1, 2 of 4

It is also possible to pay at the entrance of each activity (not cash, there wil be a terminal), but this will be more expensive (+ 1,00 €)

I want to make a reservation (from 1st of May)

Pricing (details coming soon)